Wiki Checklist

Here are a list of ideas for what you might like to include on your wiki.
  • Course Syllabus
  • Graduation Exam and SAT objectives
  • Pictures of your classroom - both with and without students (let me show off their learning environment!)
  • Handouts - especially for absent students or ones students lose a lot
  • Class Notes (use the class scribe system and have them do this, not you!)
  • Links and Resource page
  • Calendar - classroom calendar, school calendar, etc.
  • Parent's Page - notes, letters, pictures, announcements, etc.
  • Extended Lessons - webquests, further research
  • Import a Blog (go to Help at top of page to learn how)
  • Real World ___ (name of your subject) - I'm starting this on mine - have them answer how what they are learning can be used in the real world
  • Link to your blog
  • A page about you - introduce yourself
  • A page of your writing or your own work --pictures, short story, drawing (scan it ), or something you've created