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  • Fountain, Renee. (2005). Wiki pedagogy, Dossiers technopedagogiques (Dossiers pratiques). Retrieved March 20, 2007, from
    http://www.profetic.org/dossiers/dossier_imprimer.php3?id_rubrique=110. - "This article endeavours to denote and promote pedagogical experimentations concerning a Free/Open technology called a "Wiki". An intensely simple, accessible and collaborative hypertext tool Wiki software challenges and complexifies traditional notions of - as well as access to - authorship, editing, and publishing. Usurping official authorizing practices in the public domain poses fundamental - if not radical - questions for both academic theory and pedagogical practice."

  • Wikis for Teaching and Learning - From Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS), Volume 18, Article 1. The authors interviewed several university instructors who use wikis for coursework and created helpful use cases. Excerpt from abstract: "(1) Wikis can be used for a variety of tasks ranging from signup sheet for students to self organize, to undertaking business analyses, to analyzing policy positions; (2) Instructor support and facilitation is key; and (3) Ease-of-use issues are present but do not preclude success." Login and Password required. (article available from: http://aisel.aisnet.org/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=3072&context=cais)

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  • Wikis in the World Language Classroom: Transforming Teaching, Learning, & Teacher Preparation with Technology - This academic paper is presented on a wiki to demonstrate the ways in which wikis can support multimedia authoring and peer review of scholarly work. It explores the use of a wiki as a tool for developing literacies that initiate, implement, and sustain transformative educational and social change in preservice teachers, world language methods courses, teacher preparation programs, and the K-12 schools they serve. Wikis can serve as mediating tools that draw "technological pedagogical content knowledge" (Mishra & Koehler, 2006) into a single actionable frame, helping teachers to consider students’ perspectives more carefully. Mobile Website Design UK Wiki use can also spur critical consideration of personal pedagogy, as well as issues such as curriculum, authority, access, ethics, knowledge, and power. By doing so, wikis have the potential to transform teaching and learning.

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